McKinley Publishing Hub release their 6th anthology, “Mother’s Embrace” which contains three of my poems: “Mother,” “Seven Mothers,” and “Afraid to Lose.”

The book is distributed via Amazon; a sample page with a snippet of my poem below:

I received a certificate of contribution:

A Poem for Christmas

My poem, “Heaven is Falling,” has been accepted into the anthology “All I Want For Christmas: Yuletide Poetry Anthology” from McKinley Publishing Hub released on 15th December 2021!

This is only the second poem of mine to be accepted into a printed publication. To top off my delight, the publishing team sent out personalised author certificates – how wintery cool is that?!

For more details on the release, including the promotional video, visit MPH‘s webpage. The book can be purchased via Amazon. Enjoy my contribution below:

Heaven is Falling”
By Karuna Mistry

Falling feathers from God’s pillow
Descend as pieces of heaven
Soft, tiny amorphic parcels
As they parachute to earth

Each divine gift designed
From fluffy white structure
Of infinite permutation
Under the gaze of a winter sun

Focus attention on one falling petal
Follow the glide and let the eyes slide
As it merges into a cotton relief
This dreamy blanket ever did hug

A Christmas card when all is settled
A picture perfect in every direction
Photographed and mind-framed
Best viewed from the hearth

Existence smothered in heavenly layer
Earth enhanced with a radiant glow
Who would have thought this miracle
From water, this innocent, white snow…

Sister and Brother

My poem, “Creative Sister and Brother,” has been accepted into the anthology “Stories and Poems on the Song of Life” from Sweetycat Press released on 1st February 2022!

In fact, this was the first poem I ever submitted to a poetry call-out. It holds more significance for me as it was written with my sister and me in mind.

“…a clever playfulness to the contrasts between music and poetry…”

Steve Carr (Sweetycat Press)

In this poem, my sister represents poetry and I represent music. Growing up together, she had been writing poetry since her teenage years.

Obviously she beat me to poetry! But both of us have ability in several creative areas – we inherited from our dear mother.

“Creative Sister and Brother”
By Karuna Mistry

Born from the creative mother
Poetic sister and musical brother
Harmoniously contrasting pair
Create vibrations through the air

Her poetry soft and sweet
Eloquently spoken
His music strong and brash
Lyrics often broken

Poetry is quite quiet
So lend her your listening ear
But music is loud and proud
As he grabs you right out of here

Ladylike, beautiful, neat form
Pitch, rhyme, meter and tone
Words resound so eloquently
To deliver to a fine delicacy

Masculine complex rhythm
To a multi-layered composition
In which words are gladly thrown
A unique artwork that stands alone

Dextrous brother and smart sister
Sometimes borrow from each other
Head dive into each expression
Without any mental repression